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Captain Smirk locked in the ship's lavatory? Mr. Grock on a mating ritual on the planet Vulcan? Just a few hiccups in this trailer of GATE TREK!
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The Boarding Zone
The Dimwitted Dark Knight
Gate E4 The Movie
Fky Another Day
HOMEServicesA Fellow Named Charlie

Gate Trek
What do you get when you mix Noah's animals  with a commercial airliner? It's called pure havoc in The Boarding Zone!
What's worse than Gotham City being overrun by the villainous Clown Face? A dimwitted Bat whose wacky antics confuse even the commissioner! The Dark Knight - as the Night is Dark, the Knight is Dim
What lurks down the airport terminals of O'Reily Airport? Passengers are disappearing left and right, and one lone security guard must save himself as he stumbles upon the carnage and eventually the killer! Gate E4 The Movie.
Question: What do you get when you combine brawn, stupidity, a lack of finesse, and a penchant for instinctively punching innocent bystanders in the face? Answer: A secret agent who doesn't even trust his own reflection in the mirror! John Fericano is secret agent 007 James Bong in Fly Another Day!
 A guy who is down on his luck gets a break as a brick layer, but his hopes are dashed when he deals with his new ornery brick foreman!  A Brick a Day Keeps the Boss at Bay.
What do you get when you have a tramp, a thief, a convict, an old man, a blind girl, two lovers, a police officer, and a mother and her young son? Mayhem, mischief and slapstick all rolled into one! Follow this silent movie on a rollercoaster ride of fun and laughs as a tramp gets mistaken for a convict and must clear his good name. 
The Barber
A hotel maintenance man, barber, and jack of all trades has the uncanny ability to create chaos when a snobbish well-to-do patron comes in for a shave. The Barber is a Charlie Chaplin "Sunnyside" tribute.